by Nad Spiro



Physical Album SOLD OUT : Limited run of 101 numbered copies
on GEOMETRIK-GaSag (gr-gsg 01) SOLD OUT

DIGITAL ALBUM still available from NAD SPIRO's personal Bandcamp.

Full tracklist : interfector - gb0rel - BMW baader meinhof wagen -
voices from my radio - deriva - ciTy eye - superstrings - psi ports - harbour abduction


released May 22, 2012

Nad Spiro aka Rosa Arruti: guitar+analogFx+digitalFx,
digital structures, voices, radio, on site recordings.

Recorded and mixed by Rosa Arruti @ Vallcarca, Barcelona 2011
Mastering: Ferran Fages 2012
Art: JOSEP RENAU “Descansen en pau…!” photomontage, 1956

Debut album on the new GaSaG imprint within Geometrik Records distribution : Nad Spiro explores further her world of shadows and uncovers hidden and twisted sounds, electronic spells that occupy your attention.

P R E S S :
...In an extremely precise manner, she weaves psychologically unsettling dramas which execute themselves with the deathly accuracy of a 1940s suspense movie – indeed the high-contrast photography of a film noir would seem an apt keynote for this whole album, with its mysterious jet-black shadows. This particular mesmerising outing has a vaguely “urban” theme, all eight tracks linking to suggest the narrative of a journalist or private eye who is tormented by unknown terrors in the city, including ghostly voices emanating from the old-fashioned valve radio set. The nocturnal mood and story are enhanced by the very strong cover image, a photo-collage by the artist Josep Renau which resembles a Weegee news photograph going horribly wrong. (Ed Pinsent) THE SOUND PROJECTOR

"Dark, twisted, cerebral resonances filled with electronic retreats and industrial audio emergencies... The whole generates maudit suggestions and shocking and claustrophobic atmospheres that maintain a great charm and leave an impressive mark on the listener... The narration proceeds with connotations of nighttime and hyper-metropolitan surroundings, as if searching for the synthetic and the inorganic, in a manner reminiscent of Ballard novels." (A.Cianciotta) NEURAL

"One of our favorite musical discoveries of the year" (K Pettinger - Awkard Movements.) NTS Radio London

"..also stays in this futuristic music the somewhat darker undercurrent, the nightmare side of the future, rather than the arrival of utopia. There are robot like sounds to be detected here, demented computer music and other malfunctions of the machine park. It still works fine this music, still everything is there, neatly along each other in a greatly varied yet very unified album." ( F d Waard) VITAL

"(BMW) definetely is a hymn!" Paul Paulun

"Un álbum en el que se muestra la inteligencia y capacidad artística de una mujer que ha participado en proyectos legendarios de la agitación musical. Un álbum imprescindible para los amantes del riesgo. Rosa Pérez -RN3



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